‘Borderlands 3’: Here Are 3 SHiFT Codes For activity Golden Keys And Your Maliwan Takedown Weekend


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It is a huge weekend in Borderlands 3: the game just got a major piece of new content with The Maliwan Takedown, a free upgrade with a sort of raid-like action that’s meant to challenge hardcore gamers that have already built out unbeatable builds. And there may even be of these, looking at a spate of buffs that went outside with a recent patch. But if you’re trying to build your equipment collection or still on your way up at the Primary game, Randy Pitchford simply dropped a SHiFT Code for 3 Golden Keys usable for your chest on Sanctuary.

It is just too bad they’re not a excellent source of loot. I feel like at the day’s close they’re better deployed keeping yourself out as the game progresses rather than building someone unstoppable in the end game. They can be super helpful in the mid-game to give you a small edge with some weapons.

Don’t confuse your Keys, invest them and reap the benefits. Borderlands 3 is kind of entering its next stage now, with launching firmly in the back view and the age of continuing content start. Borderlands 3 is not quite on the amount of a full size games-as-service, but it is still moving fairly fast, with just two large-ish drops because launching. I will be interested to see how this item stands out because we proceed into the following calendar year. I understand Borderlands two has maintained its own fan base for decades, and so we will see whether Borderlands 3 maintains exactly the identical thing.

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