Black Desert Mobile to launch on Android and iOS this December


Pearl Abyss, developers of the fabulous MMORPG Black Desert, have announced that their free to play mobile title Black Desert Mobile will launch globally for both Android and iOS devices on 11th December.  After a hugely successful soft launch on Android devices in seven countries, which garnered more than 3 million game pre-registrations, the developers will celebrate by rewarding all those who pre-register through the official website with a free copy of Black Desert on supported consoles or PC.


In Black Desert Mobile players will venture into an epic open world filled with relaxing life skills such as trading, fishing and horse breeding,  or take to the highways and byways of the game world seeking out adventure and combat.  Players will be able to choose one of five different character classes and select from a variety of skill sets to better reflect their personal playstyle.

Upon release the game will feature:

  • Five different character classes, including Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch or Valkyrie.  Choose whether you want to be a master of melee combat or attack from range with weapons or magic.
  • A deep combat experience to explore that allows players to experience the same Black Desert adventure on their mobile phone.
  • A detailed character creation system that includes five classes and distinct skill sets.
  • Through fishing, trading, gathering and more, players will be able to hone their life skills.
  • A character’s strength can be increased with different attributes including Equipment Enhancement, Accessories, the Black Spirit, and various Pets.
  • An immersive gameplay experience that includes the likes of social guilds, weather changes, a real-time marketplace and more.

Pre-register Black Desert Mobile now either through the official website, Google Play or the App Store ahead of the game’s launch on 11th December.

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