Best iPhone apps for business in 2020


The iPhone can be just as handy as an iPad when it comes to business use. Although the iPad has the bigger screen to work from, the iPhone is much easier to carry around and work on the go.

Additionally, while there are a lot of iPad business apps most if not all of these are just as available for the iPhone, which means you can potentially get more use from them on the go.

However, deciding which business apps to use on the iPhone can be a headache, and you want to avoid filling it up with too many apps. While there are a number of iOS apps that may need to be used according to company policy, there are additional apps worth having around to help with general productivity, as well as convenience.

Here we’ll therefore look at various handy apps to have for your iPhone to help carry out business tasks and general business management.

Best iPhone apps for business – at a glance

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. SalesForce
  3. Trello
  4. Hot Schedules
  5. Wrike

1. Microsoft Office

The ubiquitous office toolkit

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