Apple’s new iOS 13 iPhone update has a security flaw that lets you bypass the lock screen to view contact lists (AAPL)



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  • Apple‘s latest iPhone software update includes a bug that makes it possible to access a device’s contact list without unlocking the phone.
  • A researcher turned up the flaw in the beta version of the new iOS 13, and says he told Apple about it in July. However, it’s still present in the general release of the software, which went out to iPhones this week.
  • Apple has already announced its next software update, iOS 13.1, which will roll out next week on September 24th. An Apple spokesperson told Ars Technica that this update has a fix for the bug in question. 
  • Read more about iOS 13 here.

When new versions of iOS include bugs, they typically come as a surprise. But the world was aware of a potential security bug in the new iOS 13 update well before its formal release this week — and despite that awareness, the bug appeared in the version that was released to iPhone users.

The bug is a security flaw that makes it possible to access a device’s contact list without unlocking the phone first. It was first uncovered in the public beta version of iOS 13 that was released to developers by Jose Rodriguez, a tech researcher who demonstrates the bugs in this video.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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