Apple’s iPhone 12 with tip for 3D ToF sensor on the back, revised Face ID hardware and much more

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The new year has only just started, which means that rumors about the next generation iPhone are already in full swing. The latest news from the Apple supply chain relates to the iPhone’s Face ID software and the integration of additional flight time sensors.

Regarding facial recognition, a CNBC report claims that the hardware is “updated”. This means that Apple is likely using an updated TrueDepth camera sensor with shorter response times. Face recognition has become significantly faster since its introduction on iPhone X. We are excited to see how much faster it is possible to unlock devices with the iPhone 12. There is also the possibility that face recognition can be better recognized. You can view your face from different directions and angles (as is possible with the current generation iPad Pro family).


Another upgrade for the iPhone 12 is the inclusion of a 3D flight time camera on the back of the phone. Similar sensors are already included in the Face ID TrueDepth camera. According to CNBC, the ToF camera on the back is intended to “support iPhones in creating 3D maps of rooms and helping Apple to improve its augmented reality (AR) applications”. The camera could also be used to provide more detailed portrait style photos.

A separate report from Mac Rumors states that there will be four separate iPhone 12 models this fall. According to the report, the list looks like this:

  • 6.7-inch iPhone 12: triple lens rear view camera with 3D recognition, 6 GB RAM
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 12: triple lens rear view camera with 3D detection, 6 GB RAM
  • 6.1-inch iPhone 12: dual lens rear view camera, 4 GB RAM
  • 5.4-inch iPhone 12: dual lens rear view camera, 4 GB RAM

All of the above-mentioned iPhone 12 models are expected to be equipped with OLED displays (a change from the current iPhone 11 family). All Snapdragon X55 5G modems supplied by Qualcomm are reported to be included.


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