Android Auto now shows a proper weather icon in status bar


Google’s Android Auto went through a major redesign last year which has a lot of pros, but one unfortunate casualty was a weather widget on the homescreen. Now, after experimenting with its design a bit, Google is adding a weather icon to Android Auto’s status bar.

Spotted by Android Police, Google is now rolling out a weather icon next to the temperature icon on Android Auto. The temperature icon rolled out last year but was marked as “Weather” in Auto’s settings menu. Now, Google has added an extra icon to fulfill that name.

From what’s been spotted so far, this icon changes for weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow, and cloudy days too. It’s unclear at the moment, though, exactly how many icons can be shown.

Is this somehow better than just looking out of the window? Not really, but it’s a nice touch. Plus, Google could, in theory, expand on this sort of functionality by adding options for also seeing the weather at your destination location or perhaps showing a brief forecast for the next few hours or few days. After all, there’s not much else in Auto’s status bar and functions like those would be a welcome touch.

android auto weather icon

In other Android Auto news, over 70 new cars have added support for the platform. From brands both new and well-established with Auto, Google has added these new models to its directory. Most notably, the list includes new models from Lexus, Audi, Ferrari, Infiniti, Jeep, Subaru, Nissan, and Volkswagen.

You can see the full list of supported vehicles on Google’s Android Auto website.

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