Amazon puts Alexa in earbuds, glasses, unveils clock, Echo speakers


SEATTLE – Alexa, where are my glasses? Oh, I’m wearing them. 

Alexa, where is my music? Oh, in my ear. 

The gist of Amazon’s massive product reveal Wednesday was new ways to get Alexa into our daily lives, from smart glasses and earbuds to a tiny Echo that connects to a night light for the bedroom. 

The rival to Apple’s AirPods, Amazon’s Echo Buds, was unveiled as a $129 alternative to Apple’s $169 product, with the promise of noise-canceling, which AirPods don’t have. The buds will answer to Alexa, as opposed to Siri on the AirPods. 

Amazon's Echo Buds brings Alexa into the ear

The smart glasses, Echo Frame, selling for $179, will be available initially by invitation only, similar to how Amazon launched its Echo Auto device last year. That product never went beyond invite-only. 

Car tunes:Alexa, are you ready to live in the car, too?

Looking for a gig at McDonald’s? Ask Alexa or the Google Assistant for help

“I’m blown away by the sheer number of announcements and use cases the company is addressing,” says Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy. “The highlight was the glasses. That fundamentally changes the game on how to work with Alexa. Prior smart glasses tried to do too many things.”

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