Adobe Premiere Rush adds Slow-Mo & Fast Forward video features for Android & iOS


Adobe is one of the largest software companies in the world. The organization parallelly works on a number of software solutions which are used in every corner of the world. Premiere Rush is a new software the company introduced a while ago aimed at creating and sharing online videos.

Adobe Rush works on most of the devices and popular operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. The developers at Adobe have since then worked on bringing in a ton of features with the latest update taking on the community’s most requested feature, which is Speed.

Adobe Rush1

Premiere Rush v1.2 helps users slow down or speed up videos, maintain audio pitch and even add adjustable ramps. These are quite useful to people who are trying their hands-on for the first time in video editing all the while pitching in on professionals who are already making use of Adobe’s offering.

How to use Speed

The company made sure that the product is easy to use for all, so Speed adjustments are pretty simple. Adobe makes use of a percentage value which is at 100% at default. If you turn down the slider, the video results in slow motion while a value greater than 100 results in a fast motion.

If you want to adjust the speed, just fire up the Speed Panel > Range Speed and adjust the slider according to your requirements. If you are uncomfortable using the slider to reach a certain value, just tap on the speed percentage and enter your desired value.

Speed Range

Adobe Rush speed adjustment

Speed Range lets you adjust the speed of a particular part of the video. In order to create a range, just drag the blue handles of the clip in the timeline. Alternatively, use the handles in the speed panel which be found under “Range.” The speed inside the range is adjustable while the speed outside remains at 100%.


Make use of the Ramping feature to smooth out those jerky speed changes which can make your videos look weird. Speed ramps are particularly useful when you speed up or slow down videos in your range.

The default value is 0.5 second and can be adjusted according to user requirements.

Maintain Pitch

If you try speeding up a video, the audio often gets messed up. The developers made sure users don’t mess up their carefully shot videos by automatically adjusting the audio of a clip according to the speed. However, you can turn off the feature if you want to.

Duration adjustments

Are you one of those people who want to control every aspect of their video? Premiere Rush lets you adjust the precise duration of a video. This is quite handy if you happen to create time-lapses. Rush automatically adjusts the duration of a video clip. Just select how long you want your video to be and you are done!

What do you think of Speed in Premiere Rush? Let us know in the comments below!

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