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Re: A “night shot” mode like smartphones


Those so called night shoot modes are indeed taking multiple shots, use faster speed (reduce hand shake) & higher ISO (to increase the brightness of the shots to compensate for the faster shutter speed) and do in-phone stacking for a merged SOOC output. It is a long used technique but phone has a step ahead, can do it in phone for a quick result.

My 5~6 years old Sony TX10 (a low end tough compact) has similar feature but result is just barely usable compared to what I can get from doing it in Post Processing on my computer.

On Panasonic cameras, there are iHandheld Night Shot mode under iA doing similar thing. The problem is that the camera has the sole discretion to apply the feature instead of shooter initiation. Very often it works (I do not use it on regular basis) but something not.

Other than through an automatic path, I have a Custom mode on my Panasonic M43 cameras (GX1, GX7, GX85 and G85 but this particular model has some inconvenience) particular for this sort of application: A mode, manual ISO @25600, Burst shooting = M. By keep the shutter firing for a second or slightly longer, I can get 5~12 shots which will be stacked in Photoshop. I can get a cleaner than base ISO image in very dark situation handheld. However it is not usable on moving object (for moving objects it is another application e.g. ND filter effect).

I saw some promotional samples posted here on DPR, as well as some people wished to show the benefit of computational photography from certain latest phones from Pixel to Hwauwei. Sadly all the samples I saw, when looking well on a small screen, when examined closely (if compare to a camera), a lot of fault could be found on motion blur, noise, resolution… The computational result even from a phone is still nothing magical, and are still subject to the similar limitation as a camera will face, if you are looking for a high quality result.

My 2 cents.

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