5 Crucial Things A Fan Should Know Including Release Date Details


The plot of the show is built around the best-selling international Harlequin book series by Robyn Carr. This show is a teenage love story and the nuances associated with a youngster’s life. The show highlights the romance circumventing the life of youngsters and silly things they do to sustain a relationship.

The plot of the story moves around a teen Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who chose to become a midwife after some hiccups in her life. Monroe is working as a nurse and getting away with her past, and she decides to move to a new place named Virgin River.

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Five unmissable facts for those waiting for season 2

  1. The cast is all set to return even in the second season, and the magnificent Alexandra Breckenridge, who is playing the role of Ms. Monroe, is good news for her die-hard fans. The rest of the cast is also going to be there in the second season.
  2. Netflix via the “See what’s next” has tweeted and confirmed that the second season is in the loop and thus resting any speculation whatsoever. In a video tweeted by Netflix on 21st December 2019, it can be seen that there is going to be another season.
  3. Although fans were expecting a trailer, unfortunately, Netflix has prolonged your waiting time. This is leading to more speculation as to what all is expected at the other end. Well, every fan wants lesser wait time, but you ought to wait for something you genuinely want to see. And this enhances your expectations. You are thus keeping the onus on directors to deliver something worth the wait.
  4. Melinda Moore’s character is quite a fascination to want, and you have every reason to be anxious about the future storyline, but wait! Do you wish to spoilers?? Well, any true fan will always want to see it on the screen. The adjustments she has to undergo amid the shift in her life are quite cumbersome to predict, and thus, any prediction at this point will lead to further escalation of thoughts.
  5. It will be interesting to know how she fights with her sour memories of the past and how she deals with her now to give a kickstart to her new life. Robyn Carr’s book has the potential to carry on the plot of the show for a very long period. So if you are getting hooked to the show, it’s not your fault, the storyline itself has a lot of potentials to keep you stuck.

Is there an official date from Netflix

Well, Netflix confirmed that there is going to be a second season, but the years are not established as of now. So you have to wait for a while to see the next season. But at any rate, the show has huge potential to attract a large section of society. The announcement of another season is a sigh of relief, but the dates are speculated to be around late 2020.

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