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Smartphones seem great for kids, but the reality is that you are bringing in quite a lot of issues if you’re handling your phone to your child. Not all kinds should use a phone, and as you can imagine sometimes there will be problems. Either your child will become addicted, he will try to hide stuff from you or even make strange friends online. Once you hand a cell phone to your child, chances are that he will be addicted to it. This is rather normal nowadays, it happens most of the time and it’s due to the addictive nature of phones. That’s why you should be there with your child as much time as possible during the day. Otherwise there will be issues, and that’s the last thing you want to think about in a situation like this.

Kids are not as creative if they have a phone doing tasks for them

And that’s right to some extent. You don’t want a device to complete tasks for your child. You want to encourage him to try out new things and that can be a really good idea. Of course there will be momentswhen your child needs assistance. But you don’t want him to rely on the computer more than his mind.

This leads to less sleep

Smartphones lead to addiction and your child is bound to sleep less just to stay in front of the phone and on social media or play games. What you really want is to try and monitor how much time your child stays in front of your computer. It will be very demanding and challenging, true, but the payoff will be amazing every time.

It impedes your child’s learning capabilities

Kids will try to rely more on their device rather than their own capabilities. And that can be a problem. What you want is to make sure that your child improves the way he learns, even if it does take a little bit of time. Of course the first thing you want to do is to ban smartphone use in your home, but things are not that easy all the time.

Mental health problems

Lots of parents believe that smartphones can lead to mental health issues. That’s why it can be very important to understand how they work and how you can adapt all of that in a proper manner. This is not a walk in the park, it requires a lot of attention but if you manage smartphone use for your child, it might help.

In the end it’s crucial to study your child’s smartphone usage and not just leave it there the way it is right now. Be close to your child and help him understand the downsides of using a smartphone. Sure, the benefits are easy to see and they are very enjoyable. But there are also downsides, and that’s the type of stuff that you need to think about as you try to educate your child!



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