10 Weird Video Game World Records


There are a ton of different kinds of world records out there that some people make it their mission to try to beat. It’s definitely an interesting way to gain notoriety! Some people want to cook the largest stir fry, a record that chef Jet Tila holds, or there are people like Lee Redmond, known for her record of having the longest fingernails in the world.

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Of course, because there are so many different records out there to set and beat, there are a ton that involve video games. People who get seriously into video games are really dedicated to their hobby! Some of them are pretty cool while others are things that we never expected there to be a record for.

To see 10 of the most interesting and strangest gaming-related world records, keep reading!

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10 Longest Minecraft Tunnel

Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox-style game in which you can do literally anything you want. Truly, this game is one where players get to call the shots and play how they want. There are a lot of different servers that have different playstyles for players to take part in.

Since this game is so huge, it’s no surprise that there are records attached to it. In 2017, YouTube streamer ItzEpicGeorge became famous for having created the longest Minecraft tunnel. At 100,000 blocks, it would take over six hours to walk the length of the tunnel.

9 Oldest Gaming YouTuber

Video games are amazing because they’re something anyone, no matter their age, can enjoy. But when people think about the YouTube stars that play games on the video sharing platform, people typically think of the somewhat younger crowd. But YouTuber Shirley Curry is definitely here to change people’s minds about that.

As of 2019, she became the record holder for the oldest video game YouTuber. She mostly plays The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and this 83-year-old has over 700,000 subscribers.

8 First Solo Fortnite Champion

Playing video games competitively in the e-sports world has become huge in recent years. There are championships for a ton of games and players train to become the very best that they possibly can.

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Considering Fortnite is such a massively popular game, it’s no surprise that there are players that want to be champions of this game. But there’s only one person that holds the record for being the first solo player to win a Fortnite championship. Kyle Giersdorf won this title in July of 2019 as a 16-year-old in New York.

7 Largest Single-Player Payout

Along with becoming the first person to become a solo Fortnite champion, Kyle Giersdorf set a few other records. Among the most notable is the fact that he became the record holder for the largest single player payout in an e-sports tournament.

In July, this 16-year-old beat out 99 other Fortnite players in New York and walked away with $3 million. The prize pool was worth a total of $15 million, making it the largest individual e-sports prize pool in the world.

6 Longest Resident Evil Video Game Marathon

There are a lot of pretty awesome games out there, meaning it’s no surprise that players have fun sinking dozens or even hundreds of hours into them. The Resident Evil franchise is one that many fans have loved to play and re-play over the years since the first game was released.

Thomas Frey is a video game fanatic who holds the record for the longest Resident Evil gaming marathon. He played games from the series for a total of 46 hours, playing Resident Evil 7 for most of that time.

5 Most Critically Acclaimed PS2 Game

It’s not just fans of the Resident Evil franchise that hold records. Resident Evil 4 is one of the main games in the franchise and holds a record of its own. This game is really popular among video game fans, so it’s no surprise that this game holds a record for most critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 game.

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This game has an aggregate score of over 95% across various different video game ranking websites, putting it above other highly ranked games like Grand Theft Auto III. It’s no surprise this game has been ported to so many different consoles.

4 Largest Collection Of Pokémon Memorabilia

Collecting memorabilia from your favorite video game franchise is a way to really show off your love of the game or franchise. It’s also a way to end up with a world record, just ask Lisa Courtney, a woman living in the UK whose 17,000 collectibles have earned her the world record for the largest collection of Pokémon memorabilia.

She’s been collecting for a long time and has allegedly even traveled to Japan with the sole purpose of getting some of the Japanese-exclusive items she’s been hunting. This record was verified in 2016, so we can only imagine how much her collection has grown.

3 First PlayStation 2 Game With Online Play

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 was released in 2001. Back then, online gaming really wasn’t the huge market that it is now. While playing games online with friends or strangers from around the world is no big deal these days, it was a huge one back then. That’s why this game is notable for being the first PlayStation 2 game to support online play.

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Players could link up in multiplayer games of up to 8 different players online. They entered free skate mode and were free to skate around and have a good time together. This may seem like nothing now, but it was quite an accomplishment in 2001.

2 Longest Final Fantasy Gaming Marathon

For many video game fans, the Final Fantasy series is a favorite game series to play. These roleplaying games are a lot of fun and they have a high re-playability factor, meaning that they can be super entertaining to play over and over or for a long stretch of time.

Aarón González Santomé is a video game fan from Spain who achieved notoreity when he became the world record holder for the longest Final Fantasy marathon. In 2017, he played Final Fantasy X/X-2 for over 40 hours.

1 Largest Game Boy

Recent trends in technology have been causing items to get smaller and smaller. While this is really practical and helpful because it means we can carry everything we need without getting all bulked up, it’s not exactly going to set any world records.

Ilhan Ünal flipped that trend on its head by creating the world’s largest Game Boy. This Game Boy is over 3 feet tall and, yes, it’s fully functional. Does it require massive cartridges to play? Surprisingly, no. It plays original Game Boy games on its huge screen.

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