10 Video Game Pictures to Warm Even the Coldest Hearts This Holiday



Whether it is winter vacation, family visits, or the overall spirit of the season, nothing compares to the warm feeling you get when the holidays role around. Gamers know this more than anyone, using the time they have to play the newest video games both alone and with friends and family.

It is with that in mind that we present you with 10 video game screenshots that are sure to warm even the coldest of hearts this holiday season.

Introduced in Luigi’s newest video game adventure, Luigi’s Mansion 3, this adorable ghost doggy is Polterpup. Even if he may be undead, that infection smile and lovable attitude is anything but spooky. HD download here.

Few things are more heartwarming than a boy and his droid…at least, maybe for Star Wars fans. HD download here.

No matter what starter you choose in Pokemon Sword & Shield, there is no denying that Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are all adorable. 4K download here.

A group photo chalked full of amazing memories for the Kingdom Hearts series. 4K Download

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